Guide to Different Movie Genres Shown in Online Movie Sites



When you watch free movies online, you can choose from among the many different movie genres available.  There are also many video streaming sites where you can choose from the categories if you log on to their site and where you can also get a list of all the movies available for a particular genre.  Comedy, drama, action, fantasy , and adventure are just some of the most popular movie genres that people today watch for free online.  Below are some of the other movie genres that you can find to watch online for free.

IF you watch war movies, you can find that in the midst of strife and adversity, the movie heroes exhibit courage, humanity , and heroism.  These war movies are full of drama and it is also a venue where political statements are offered.  Some of these war movies have heavy special effects too and they almost always feature spectacular battle scenes.  What we see in war movies is its grisly nature and its deadly aftermath.

Nowadays, there are a lot of teen movies for the young that they can watch online.  Issues that are relevant to the youth of today are tackled in these films.  They are about school, friendship, family problems, growing up, teenage romance, and battling ones fears and insecurities.  You can always find stereotype roles in these teen movies like the cheerleader, the popular girl, the outcast, the star player, the girl or boy next door, the new kid in town, the geek, and many more. You can watch full movies here!

A lot of people also enjoy watching science fiction movies.  Frontiers of our civilization, science, and technology are being explored in these types of movies.  These sci-fi movies brings viewers to fantastic places like far -flung planets and parallel dimensions.  Sci-fi movies are usually set in a chaotic and dangerous post-apocalyptic world which is very much different from the world as we know it.  Some of the themes of these sci-fi movies include time and space travel, struggle for freedom against tyrannical invaders which can be human or alien, and encounters with the extra terrestrial life forms

Mystery movies that leave viewers guessing even after the movie has ended is also common.  Their point plots include unsolved crimes and political conspiracies.  Mystery movies can be on an open or closed format.  Open format mystery movies shows the criminal at the beginning of the movie and the story is retold, but with a closed format the detective tracks down the suspect whose identity will be revealed in the end in a  manner which is unexpected. Visit for more details.

Documentary movies are also shown in video streaming websites.  Here social and political issues are tackled in-depth.  Some of these follow certain people’s lives to establish a character portrait.  While most of these films depict real life and real people, there are few fictional narratives shot in documentary style for a more convincing effect.  Click here if you want to watch movies online.

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